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High Five Server

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About us

Are you tired of playing Lineage 2 in servers full of bots, servers deleted overnight or are they simply merged with other servers that close soon?

If so then you are in the right place!

Through this server we want to offer stability to the players, fun and together to build a clean and lasting community!

Our staff have long experience with the game and they can assist you in any questions or problems you have with out interfering with the gameplay.

Server features


 Exp/SP: x10

 Adena: x5

 Drop: x5

 Drop SealStone: x5

 Spoil: x5

 Quest Drop: x1

 Quest Reward: x1

 Manor: x1.5

 Raid Boss Drop: x5

 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1

 Safe Enchant: +3 (Full Parts +4)

 Max Enchant: +20

Gamaplay configuration

 Maximum Clients/PC: 2

 2H duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies on Community Board

 Buff slots: 28(+4 Divine Inspiration)

 Dance/Song slots: 12

 Skills are auto learn.

 Automatic loot for monsters.

 Manual lot for herbs.

 Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses.

 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Community Board.

 Sub-Class FREE (Doesn't require Official Quest)

 Certification skills retail like (Quest required)

 Mana Potions: 500 MP Restoration with 15 seconds cooldown.

Basic features

 NPC Buffer with all the important buffs.    

 Buff Set per Character: 8

 Buff free until 84 lvl 

 GM shop up to S84 Vesper & consumables.     

 Global Gatekeeper with all the important zones.

 Ranking System in Community Board.    

 Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions.

 Donation Store with limited available options.




Description: Last Hero Standing Event is a free-for-all Event. 

It's a fight involving many combatants/characters with your only goal to survive as long as you can. 

Last player that stays alive on the battlefield is winning.

Players are transformed to prevent helping friends.


Description: In Team vs Team Event all participating members are divided in two sides (Red - Blue) 

and the only goal is to kill as many players you can from the enemy side. 

Each kill brings score to your Team. Respawn takes 5 seconds.

Event Duration: 10 minutes


Description: Capture the Flag is a Team Event. 

Try to steal Flag that is placed near enemy spawn location and bring it to your territory.

Don't forget to defend your flag, we don't want it to be hold by enemy hands!

Event Duration: 10 minutes.

Voice commands list

.help (Opens up the server's help panel)

.exp (Information for exp to reach the next lvl)

.cfg  (Opens up the server's control panel)

.cp (Use it to setup automatic CP/MP/HP potions)

.offline (Use this command after you setup your private store to go in "Offline Trade Mode")

.votereward or .vr (After you submit your votes in all the banners on our website, use it to get rewarded)

.date or .time (Information for real time/date in server)

.engage (Make marriage)

.divorce (Cancel marriage)

.gotolove (Teleport to character your pair)

.whoami or .whoiam (Opens up the server's character Info)

.password (Opens up the server's change password panel)

.lock or .unlock (Lock or unlock character IP/HMid)

.lockip .unlockip (Lock or unlock character IP)

.lockHMid .unlockHMid (Lock or unlock character HMid)

.delevel (Drop lvl of character by 1)

.repair [name] (If your main character stucked, create a level 1 character in the same account & use this command)

The benefits to you take with Premium Account:

-Rates x1.5 or x2 from base in exp, sp, Adena, Spoil, Seal Stones, Drop Items, Drop quest Items, etc...

-Enchant Chance 2.5% or 5% (only in monthly account)

-Save Personal Teleport points.

-Agathion Seal Bracelet - Three-headed Dragon Wind Walk.

-Extra Buffs:

 Case Harden lvl 1

 Hard Tranning lvl 1

 Embroider lvl 1

 Sharp Edge lvl 1

 Reastring lvl 1

 Spike lvl 1

 Resist Shock lvl 4 +30

 Arcane Protection lvl 1

 Blazing Skin lvl 3 +30

 Eye of Pa'agrio lvl 1

 Pa'agrio's Fist lvl 1 +15

 Chant of Spirit lvl 1

 Dance of Berserker lvl 1

 Prophecy of Water lvl 1 + 15

 Prophecy of Fire lvl 1 + 15

 Prophecy of Wind lvl 1 + 15

 Chant of Victory lvl 1 +15

 Victory of Pa'agrio lvl 1 +15

Currency Converter

1 Euro = 80 Gold Coin

1 Gold Coin = 50 Silver Coin

50 Silver Coin = 1 Gold Coin

1 Gold Coin = 55.000.000 Adena

1 Silver Coin = 550.000 Adena

About Donation:

The Donation System helps maintain server.

Everything that can be taken with Donation Coins can be done with farming as well. Vote our sever on HopZone.Net - top l2 servers